Custom Homes

PD Moore Homes Inc. designs and builds boutique single-family custom homes. There is nothing quite like living in a home which you have helped design, and tailored to your family's every need.

Our team focuses on new home construction in both Vancouver and Burnaby.

Construction regulations in the Lower Mainland vary from one municipality to the other. The City of Vancouver has their own building code, while the neighbouring municipalities have adopted variations of the provincial building code. We provide up-to-date expertise about building guidelines in Vancouver and Burnaby, including development zoning by-laws, maximizing building foot prints,  energy efficiency requirements, and more.  We also partner with trades and consultants who specialize in those areas to manage the project's costs and timeline - bringing value to our clients.

Building a new home can be one of the most stressful - and expensive - ventures you undertake. Our team includes experts in design, onsite construction, project management, and more, to ensure our clients receive the support they need and deserve.

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